Señorita Mother & Child International Clinic

We are a mother and child clinic and have a specialized healthcare facility dedicated to providing comprehensive medical care and support for mothers and their children.


Welcome to the esteemed Señorita Mother and Child International Clinic (SMACIC). Señorita is a latin phrase that means “Young Lady”. 

We at SMACIC offer a holistic approach to women and children healthcare, our clinic collaborates with both private and government institutions. As we embark on this respectful journey of caring for women and children; we remain steadfast in our commitment to excellence, innovation and compassionate care. We invite you to join us at Señorita Mother and Child International Clinic where every life is valued and every step is taken to ensure the health and well-being of women and children.


Our vision is a future where every woman in Africa experiences optimal health and well-being. We envision a society free from maternal deaths, where breast and cervical cancer are preventable and treatable, and where quality of life is improved for all.



Our mission is to achieve zero maternal deaths, eliminate breast and cervical cancer fatalities, enhance quality of life, reduce unwanted pregnancies, enable early detection of at-risk women, increase immunization coverage, and deliver efficient primary healthcare services for children.

What We Aim To Achieve.

At Señorita Mother and Child International Clinic, we are dedicated to establishing a strong relationship with both government and private institutions to ensure the provision of a safe space for all women and children in Africa. Where we propose a system of equality and true quality of service regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation and more. We aim to decrease the immense workload on both public and private sectors by implementing an efficient primary healthcare system for women and children.

Through screening high risk patients and facilitating specialist interventions. We strive to optimize healthcare outcomes while promoting comprehensive care and reducing strain to secondary healthcare facilities. Together we are committed to creating a healthcare environment where every woman’s health matters and receives the attention it deserves.

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What people say


Thembi Nkosi

I wish I had found Señorita Mother & Child International Clinic much earlier in my life, they have helped me so much.

Hopolang Pelo

From a mother's perspective, the SMACIC provides exceptional care and a nurturing environment that prioritizes the well-being of both mothers and children.

Khosi Mnisi

As a mother, I can confidently say that the SMACIC exceeded my expectations with their expert care, unwavering support, and dedication to ensuring the health and happiness of me and my child.


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